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Run.  Walk.  Sunburn.  Work.  Laundry.  Repeat.
This has been my life for the last fourteen days.  Today is my first day off.  Leading up to this Sunday, I had my plan for the day all mapped out for maximum productivity; Eat, Pray, Sew.  And Run.  It was all set.  But, when I arrived at this beautiful fall day I realized- I was a little crispy around the edges.  So I scrapped my plan.

Instead I read, had coffee and chocolate chip cookie-scones at my favorite coffee spot, shopped for groceries and checked in with my Mom, my Dad, and my Grandma Eloise for a few overdue catch-ups.  Rather than beat myself up about not going for my daily run/therapy session I listened to my gut instead.  It was telling me two things.  Relax. Make fried chicken.

By now you know that I've had Southern cooking on the brain.  FForFood and I are rapidly approaching the relaunch of Dinner at Eight.  As I mentioned in Bringing it Home, we are drawing inspiration from our Virginia roots and introducing A Sunday Supper in the South, except here, in Los Angeles, in our nook of the Canyon.   Recipes are being tested.  Cabinets are being stocked.  And the vintage cookbooks, well, they're a pilin' up.
With FForFood away in Virginia reconnecting with her Aunt Babe, I am here, about to reconnect with the cast iron.  This marks my first attempt at fried chicken since The Fried Chicken Catastrophe of 2002.  I'm not worried though,  I have my partner's recipe as a guide,  a flannel sleeve full of tricks, and my trusty apron.
As for the fried chicken that we'll be serving at Dinner at Eight, there's no need to fear, the locally sourced, organic, Lindy & Grundy chicken, will be in the more than capable hands of Kathy Emerson.  Not yours truly....

A Sunday Supper in the South.  October 23rd. Seatings at 7pm and 9pm.
Click here to make a reservation.

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