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It's A Walk-Off.

Today is a sewing day.  I've been waiting for it all week.  A whole day just for me to sit, cut, sew and create.  All week long I have been looking for creative inspiration and I have found it in some new places and some old friends.  Everyday this week I have been running.  And running.  And running.  Literally.  I always feel great when I exercise but this week I found that it lead me down the path of creativity.  Also, I needed to make sure that my legs are strong. Why?  Well,(I type with a flush in my cheeks), it's because my legs will be carrying me down a runway at the LACMA for the KCRW's A Slice of Pie event this Sunday the 18th.  Ok wait.. Runway?  What does a runway have to do with pie or aprons you're probably wondering?  Well the folks responsible for this event will be hosting an apron walk-off.  Yup, just like Zoolander.  And I, with my very best strut, will be there to showcase my aprons.
This Sunday, if you're looking for some good old fashioned fun, then join me and FForFood at the LACMA from 12:30-4pm for pie, pie and more pie and of course Maggie Mae Apron Co.'s first runway show and If you can't make it to the LACMA this weekend then STAY TUNED.....
xoxo Maggie

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